Digital Touch Technology

GelSight is developing high-resolution, compliant tactile sensors that advance robot dexterity.

Using our proprietary elastomeric sensor technology, our R1.5 Robotic Fingers provide high-resolution, real-time 2D and 3D data on the position and orientation of an object in its grasp, and three-axis force. The compact unit is easily integrated with most existing robotic parallel grippers.

DIGIT Tactile Sensor

In partnership with Facebook AI Research, GelSight is manufacturing DIGIT, an easy-to-build, reliable, low-cost, compact, high-resolution, tactile sensor designed for robotic in-hand manipulation.

GelSight’s technology offers the most scalable digital tactile solution on the market, making it ideal for use in a miniature sensor like DIGIT. It is imaging-based so that machine learning and AI techniques can be applied immediately to GelSight’s sensor output.