Portable, In-situ Measurement and Analysis

The GelSight system enables direct, immediate measurement of replica putty at the point-of-use, then transforms the image to create an exact representation of the surface defect.  This eliminates waiting hours or days for lab results while simplifying follow-on analysis.

Wide Range Of Use Cases

When used with replica putty for hard-to-reach areas, GelSight enables portable, in-situ, micron-level defect measurements, regardless of surface material type or reflectivity, and regardless of where the defect is located, including:

  • Military / Aerospace Production QC, Flight-line, and MRO – inspection of dents, scratches, and corrosion on airframe elements, engine components, landing gear, and other assemblies.
  • Oil & Gas QC and Sustainment – inspection of piping, tubing, sealing surfaces, and more.
  • Molds for plastics, metals, composites, and other materials.