Portable, In-situ, Micron-level Roughness Measurement and Analysis

GelSight’s proprietary technology instantly captures the data of up to 21 profilometer measurements at the press of a button, while offering industry-standard ISO and ASME analysis methods.  In-situ, precision surface analysis is achieved regardless of material type, reflectivity, or transparency.

Wide Range Of Use Cases

GelSight’s ability to analyze profile roughness in-situ, in a variety of directions, over a wide surface area, in a single sample, significantly boosts productivity in a variety of R&D and QC inspection applications, including:

  • Automotive, MIL/AERO – Paint and body, interior textures, plastics, composites, tires, glass, and precision engine components.
  • Chemical and Textiles – Coatings, films, finishes, textures, and more.
  • Additive Manufacturing, Injection Molding – Finish, molds, texture, and more.
  • Applications requiring compliance with ISO 21920-2:2019, ASME B46.1.2019, or ISO 4287:1997 standards.