Kimo Johnson Micah Kimo Johnson (Co-Founder, CEO) is an interdisciplinary researcher, having worked in areas as diverse as computer vision, computer graphics, forensics, audio compression, audio synthesis, and music theory. Always seeking new challenges, Kimo is excited to lead the effort to commercialize GelSight, which he helped develop during his postdoc at MIT. Kimo started his academic career with undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Music Theory from the University of New Hampshire. He continued his education at Dartmouth College, where he earned a Master's degree in Electro-Acoustic Music and later a Ph.D. in Computer Science. His doctoral work, under Professor Hany Farid, focused on detecting image manipulation through inconsistencies in illumination and optical aberrations. As a postdoc, then research scientist, at MIT, he published numerous papers in top computer vision and graphics venues such as CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, and SIGGRAPH.

Janos Rohaly JÁNOS ROHÁLY (Co-Founder, CTO) is a hands-on high-tech entrepreneur with experience in building successful businesses and creating game changing imaging products out of a research idea. He co-founded Brontes Technologies, Inc. in 2003 while he was a Research Scientist at the Mechanical Engineering Department at MIT. As co-inventor of the core technology and Chief Scientist of Brontes Technologies he led the technology commercialization effort to create the world's first real time, intraoral, 3-D imaging device that replaced traditional paste-based impressions in dentistry and orthodontics. Brontes was acquired by 3M in 2006 delivering an 8X return to the investors. After the acquisition János stayed on board with 3M for 5 years as Chief Scientist of the newly created Digital Oral Care Department. He holds a doctorate degree in optical diagnostics in fluids from Kobe University in Japan, and an M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Budapest in Hungary. János has fifteen patents spanning the space of novel optics and algorithms in the field of three-dimensional imaging.

Ted Adelson Edward Adelson (Co-Founder) is the John and Dorothy Wilson Professor of Vision Science at MIT, in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and a member of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2007, and to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2010. Prof. Adelson has over 100 publications on topics in human vision, machine vision, computer graphics, neuroscience, and computational photography, as well as over a dozen patents. He is well known for contributions to multiscale image representation (such as the Laplacian pyramid) and basic concepts in early vision such as steerable filters and motion energy models. His work on layered representations for motion won the IEEE Computer Society's Longuet-Higgins Award (2005). Prof. Adelson introduced the plenoptic function, and built the first plenoptic camera. His recent interest in tactile perception led to the invention of the GelSight sensor, which converts touch to images, and which opens up new possibilities in sensing 3D microscale topography.